Samoa Surfing

Surfing Samoa is one of the best surfing holidays you could ever give yourself. The long breaks coming up from the southern ocean build to crash ashore on the south coast of Upolu, the main Samoa island where you will find the best of the best.

A'ufaga Village, Salani and Boulders all offer these fabulous rides to put in your memory bank.

Clear sandy Samoa beaches will have you salivating for more. The temperature is hot and humid all year, so forget those wet suits and just pack your boardies and sunscreen and enjoy the Samoa surf.

One of the best Samoa accommodation options for surfies is at the fabulous Sa’moana Resort. With its three power boats to take you to the fantastic reef breaks, this resort offers the best in technology, safety and waves for the dedicated surfer.

Samoa surfing is among the best in the world and who can resist surfing in the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean.