Samoa Nightlife

Samoan nightlife is full of contrast and culture. On the one hand, you will find the dusk air of Samoa in the South Pacific filled with the sound of blown conch shells, calling families to 20 minutes of prayer and hymns. Samoa stops during these 20 minutes. On the other hand you will find a number of Fafafine (transvestite) clubs in Apia in Samoa. Fafafine’s are respected people in Samoa, with their performances a popular evening’s entertainment in the Samoan islands.

To experience traditional food and Samoan culture during your vacation in Samoa, book into a Fia Fia. A Fia Fia is a Samoan feast accompanied by song, traditional dances and spectacular fire dancers (usually trained by the Ailao Club in Samoa). Fire dancing is the highlight of each Fia Fia, where the dancers twirl fiery batons and balls around their body in the humid Samoa weather. Most major Samoan hotels hold weekly Fia Fia’s for their guests, so check out a tourist map of Samoa for their locations.

Apia in Upolu is home to the main bars in Samoa and clubs. Here you will find local bands and live music, dancing and pool tables. Most clubs close at midnight in Upolu.

If you are looking for restaurants in Upolu, you can choose from traditional Samoan cuisine or visit one of the Italian, Chinese or European restaurants and cafes.

If you travel in Samoa outside the main villages or towns, restaurants become scarcer. Restaurants on the island of Savaii are generally linked to the major hotels and resorts.