Dining in Samoa

Samoan culture is centred on God, the family and food. It is no wonder then that dining in Samoa takes on a ceremonial air, with many fantastic cultural experiences to be had around meals when you vacation in Samoa.

The traditional method of cooking in Samoa is the Umu or earth oven. Similar to other islands of the South Pacific, Samoa’s traditional foods include Taro, breadfruit, fish, chicken, suckling pork and fruit. Kava is used for special ceremonial occasions in the villages and is generally not available at resorts or restaurants in Samoa.

Traditional Samoan food is available at a number of restaurants and cafes in Samoa, with a wide range of other cuisine styles also available on Samoa’s islands, particularly the main island of Upolu. Dining out in Apia in Samoa, you be able to choose from the ever-present McDonalds as well as Chinese, Italian, Japanese and European restaurants.

Many hotels such as Aggie Grey’s hotel, offer seafood nights, where lobsters and other seafood delicacies are available at very reasonable prices. Apia in Upolu is the centre for clubs in Samoa and bars.

As you travel around Samoa and you are looking for a meal, check out the many hotels in Samoa or visit the many small family-run Fales on the white sandy beaches overlooking deep blue lagoons, such as the Fao Fao beach Fales. These Fales make the most of the hot Samoa weather and are open-sided huts right on the beach to catch the cool breezes. Eating out in Samoa is a very relaxed affair.