Samoa Culture

Visit Samoa in the South Pacific and you step back in time. Samoan culture is typical of many Polynesian cultures and is centred on village life. Each Samoan village holds a number of extended families, headed up by the Matai or local chief who is held in great respect. Visitors to villages, or attractions near the villages, must always pay their respects to the local Matai and ask their consent to visit the attractions scattered across a Samoa map.

The Samoan people are warm and friendly towards visitors and are only too happy to explain their culture and traditions. Samoa is an island heavily influenced by Christianity, with almost all islanders active Christians. The island generally stops for evening family prayers and on Sundays, where islanders spend the day at Church and then feasting with their families. Visitors are welcomed at local church services.

Food in Samoa plays an important part in cultural life, with Fia Fias the name for regular feasts, with song, dance and fire twirling. All the major hotels and Samoan resorts offer Fia Fias for people who travel to Samoa. Unlike other South Pacific Islands, kava ceremonies are restricted only to special meetings and events of the Matai.

Music and song is a large part of life – flights to Samoa are greeted by local bands playing in the baggage collection area, which give you a taste of the experiences to come.

Samoa tourism travel is a great way to learn about the Fa’a Samoa (the Samoan way) – where people and events are relaxed and slow in response to the Samoan weather.